A Few Bugs and Feature Requests.

Submitted by Hawn Solo on Fri, 10/13/2017 - 20:12
Hawn Solo
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Hello, I tried out Remotify for a month back in January and was glad to see it has been constantly developed with new features and fixes since then. I just purchased a pro license and am very happy with my purchase! I have been able to quickly set up my Electrix Tweaker and Evolution UC-33e to work in conjunction flawlessly. Next up is my Berhinger CMD DC-1 and Akai MPK-261. I have noticed a couple minor bugs and have a few feature requests. I have been unable to use Remotely in Google Chrome, the App loads fine but the Add New Mapping button does not do anything. I have been able to use the App fine in Safari but being able to use MIDI learn would really speed things up. I also noticed that the LED feedback options for A/B Track assign don't seem to work. Most of the buttons on the Tweaker have 8 states (Off, Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, Cyan, Magenta, and White) so I have been able to get the feedback to work as expected for everything but this command. I have my A/B Track assign for the currently selected track and I would like to have it display Off (000 velocity) when off, Yellow (008) for A, and Magenta (064) for B. Currently no matter what I set the values to in Remotify the LED feedback is Red(004) for off and White (127) for both A and B selected. I also have noticed that the fast forward and rewind commands do not function as I would like. Currently you can set it to move in 1 step increments on each press, or have them toggle on or off. I would like to be able to press and hold for fast forward and rewind, if possible. Now regarding the feature requests! For the most part I am very satisfied with everything offered in Remotify and know that you will continue to add features in the future, but two things I would really like a scrub wheel option for fast forward and rewind control and the option to browse devices. I have big center encoders on two of my controllers so ultimately I would like to use one for arrangement seeking and one for device/sample browsing. The default script for the Tweaker shows Audio and MIDI tracks as different LED colors. This would be a cool addition to Remotify. My current script has a mode where the top 8 buttons on the Tweaker grid display the current selected track as white and all other tracks as blue. It would be neat if I could set it to display MIDI tracks differently. I am also looking forward to the addition of return track control that another user requested. Lastly, I was curious if scripts made in Remotify are compatible with LaunchSync? I would like to be able to sync my user made scripts with TouchAble on my iPad. If this is unknown, I will test this out in the future and report back. Thanks and keep up the good work! Hawn Solo

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John Carney
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Apologies for the late reply, I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying using Remotify and it has helped you breathe new life into your Electrix Tweaker and Evolution UC-33e!

Can you tell me which version of Chrome you're using? MIDI Learn should work fine in this Browser.

For your Track A/B LED feedback issue, have you looked in the code to see if its setting setting incorrect velocity values is this just based on what you're seeing on the controller?

For Fast forward / rewind, we're simply connecting controls to Ableton's own API functionality, so is probably a limitation with this. I will add it to our improvement list though.

With regards to your "Browse Devices" request, do you mean that you would like to navigate left/right across devices with a rotary style control, in this case a scrub wheel?

I'm not sure about compatibility with LaunchSync unfortunately. However, if you turn "combination mode" on in your remotify script for your session box, then any other scripts which have linking enabled will be automatically linked. So if LynchSync has this turned on then in theory it should work.

Thanks for the feature requests!