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Feature request

Submitted by Philippe on Tue, 11/29/2016 - 05:56
Pro User
Control Surface Studio User

I was wandering if you guys have any plan regarding feature expansion. I wish there was a way to import userconfiguration.txt so I could start a script from my own auto mapping. Also, there are a bunch of transport function that are not (yet?) available to map such as automation.
I wish I could automap preview volume (metronome volume) that I use in every single project.

Some features that I'd use a lot:

1- I wish I could automap preview volume (metronome volume) that I use in every single project.

2- Multiple shift buttons (ex: shift 1, Shift 2 etc) allowing more than 2 fonctions per control.

I am planning to build custom midi controller from arduinos, and would like to assign controls to specific functions regarding specific device, such as looper x2, /2, rec play stop etc, that are on different banks.

I wish good success to this app, very useful and promising.

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Forum Admin

Hi Philippe,

Thanks for getting in touch with your requests.
Yes we're constantly developing new features aswell as improving current features.
Your user config import idea is a very interesting one, I wonder how many people would be interested in this?
We will look into metronome volume, thanks for that one.

Regarding multiple shift buttons, correct me if I misunderstand but you can already add multiple shift buttons.

That's exciting news about you building your own arduino controller, maybe keep us all updated on this as I know that there are other Remotify users out there that are doing the same! :)



Pro User

Overdub for session view button ( the circle icon, not the cross icon) is a must, please!

Forum Admin

Do you mean the Session Record button?

Pro User

I don't know the exact name for it, but it allow on/off overdub of currently playing clip in session view next to "new" button. (Empty circle turning red when on) It is a must!

Forum Admin

Yes I think its the Session Record button, I just had a quick dig into Ableton's code and this looks like a possibility, as well as enable automation, delete automation (I would love this myself!) and possibly the "new" button.

Also, this Looper button issue is annoying me, so I had a search about for a possible workaround.
Found this idea using dummy clips and automation - you could then use a session box in Remotify with it :)

"Set up a second audio track that has the track you want looped routed through it. Set the monitoring on this new track to "IN" and put a looper on that track. Then make a blank audio clip. You can do you use the envelope settings in this blank track to trigger the looper. The trick part now will be using follow actions to keep it going. The trick is to use 1 dummy clip to start recording, then have that clip follow action to another clip that keeps the looper going for a set number of bars. Hope this helps. I can build an example set to demonstrate if this is confusing."
Full conversation here:

Pro User

Interesting use of loop button, but I almost never touch it since I use mainly the session view in which pretty much any clip is a loop already.

About the session overdub button that I requested, I found a way to incorporate it in a script I created with remotify by comparing some scripts available online. It took some time and effort to the non coder I am to find those 3 lines of code, but I have what I wanted!
That said, I really wish I'd see the seemingly "basic functions" coming sooner to the app, such as cue volume (metronome volume), overdub session (even if I nailed it :), and clip duplicate, *2, /2, reverse, invert, UNDO/REDO, crossfader
All these seems way more simpler than those fancy matrix features, I therefore honestly wished they'd come first. I unsuccessfully attempted incorporating the "cue_volume" function, but there is something wrong I can't figure out. A bit frustrating, and musically unproductive.

May you forgive my impatience, I am enthusiast with this app in a way feature would never come up early enough :S

Keep up the good work!

Forum Admin

Hi Philippe,

Point taken, we will add as many of these as we can in the near future.
Keep an eye out :)