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FCB1010 UnO2 + Remotify

Submitted by drumrhyno on Sat, 09/03/2022 - 05:21
Control Surface Studio User

I've recently purchased CSS to setup an Ableton Script for the FCB1010 with an UnO2 chip. I've done all of the programming for the pedals in the UnO2 Control Center and all of the midid mappings are showing correctly through multiple Midi Monitors and I can Midi map the controller fine in Live. However, when I build out my script in CSS, nothing works as it should. I'm attempting to use navigation using 4 pedals for up, down, left, right and then be able to arm, solo and mute the selected track. As of tonight, I can't even get the midi learn function to work on the FCB1010 controller template. It will show the correct note for a moment, then it resets to the default mapping after a few seconds. If I program it manually, when I dive into ableton, the navigation is buggy as hell. It jumps around to different areas and the arm, solo, mute functions constantly flicker on and off without me touching the pedals. I've tried multiple midi interfaces now but I've exhausted my troubleshooting capabilities. Is this pedal just not going to be able to do what I want here? Is there anyone else using this setup efficiently?

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John C
Forum Admin

I would recommend removing any mappings you have added directly in ableton so as not to override or conflict with the mappings in your script.

However it does sound strange that arm, solo and mute are flickering, I've never encountered that before.

Control Surface Studio User

When I setup the remote script, I kill all of my midi mappings. Still running into this issue. This is pretty disappointing considering it's a big reason why I bought this software in the first place.