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Submitted by Kazerne on Wed, 07/13/2022 - 10:53
Control Surface Studio User


I keep getting this notice when I want to transfer my template to Ableton. Everything was working perfect couple of days ago but now I just can't get it to work.

I tried changing password, python version, renaming and importing my controller templates and scripts,...

The problem does seem to be inside the controller template. As soon as I add it to my scripts I get this error. With other templates I can still export to Ableton.

Here's my controller json:

And the script:

Thanks in advance,

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Control Surface Studio User

This hit me 7/12 as well. I had no issues when I stopped the night before, woke up the next day and this began. I did a lot of tinkering and nothing seems to be getting it working. The only bit of potentially helpful info I MIGHT have is it looks like there was a Pre-release to Python 3.11 yesterday. I checked my version and I am running 3.10, I'd imagine CSS didn't suddenly just change over especially to a prerelease, especially considering CSS 2.7 was released before but this is the only even potentially relevant info I can find.

Nicolas Roulet
Pro User

I've got similar problem. cant find any issue...... changing controller template doing nothing.....

Control Surface Studio User

Also have the same problem. Can anyone help?

John C
Forum Admin

Hi all,
This should now be fixed for everyone, sorry for the inconvenience.

Control Surface Studio User

Good to go! Thank you!