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Endless Encoder dynamics / sensitivity

Submitted by ish on Sun, 02/07/2021 - 08:50
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What is the best way to handle an endless encoder that sends out different values depending on how 'fast' it is turned?

For example, I have an endless encoder that sends the following according to the MIDI monitor:

(When rotated counter-clockwise / left)
Channel: 1 Type:CC Value:16 Velocity:65

(When rotated clockwise / right)
Channel: 1 Type:CC Value:16 Velocity:1

Now, when I rotate the encoder counter-clockwise quickly, the velocity can be anywhere from 65 upwards, depending on how quickly it is rotated. For example, slightly faster and the value is 66, 67 or 68, but a rapid spin and it can be 100, 113, etc. Same for rotating the other way, but value from 1 - 64

What setting should I use so that the corresponding control in Ableton Live reacts to this sensitivity? Currently, if I twist slowly, the parameter in Live will increase or decrease by 1 step at a time, but if I turn slightly faster it won't change at all.

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John C
Forum Admin


The only way to cater for this would be with Reaction mapping types, where you can define things like 'if the current velocity value of the endless encoder is less than 65... do something'. See that attached screenshot.