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Duplicate led feedback

Submitted by danicroitor on Sat, 01/25/2020 - 12:01
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Hi guys,
I think this is a bug. I've attached the script also.

I have an empty script. I've just put in there only 2 modes and "mode selector".

what is kinda weird is that even though I have mapped correctly the controller in controller settings, when I press a pad in order to change the mod, I get feedback on the pressed pad but also on another pad also.

The only thing that I could think is that the same pad had the same name: PAD 13 and PAD 14 (I have 2 groups of PADs)

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I've made a video showing the problem:

John C
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It looks like your Mode mappings (not the mode selectors) also have feedback set for them. They will be sending led feedback when each mode becomes activate / inactive.

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That's right but
1. isn't that the only way to get let feedback for the mode you are in?
2. Even so, I have selected the right pad where should the led feedback go and even so, I get duplicate led feedback.

I think it is a bug. maybe remotify does not know to distinguish when it comes to led feedback between multiple "PADS" sets. I think that because I get feedback on the same number. of pads... what I mean is. I should get led feedback on PAD1/ pad 13 & 14 and along with that I'm getting feedback also to the PAD2/ pad 13 & 14

John C
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The Modes themselves can send feedback to physical inputs whenever they are activated and deactivated (regardless of which input is used to activate/deactivate them).
Mode Selectors will can send feedback whenever the mapped input is pressed.

However if your controller has multiple 'Pads' then this could be the problem as I think there is an issue where scripts can't differentiate between multiple 'Pads' sets. I would currently recommend using buttons over a second set of pads for a controller.