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Duplicate Button Causes Unexpected Behavior

Submitted by mjosephc on Sat, 04/18/2020 - 22:43
Control Surface Studio User

Hello! I just purchased CSS a couple of days ago and have really appreciated the functionality, namely that I don't have to learn Python to write remote scripts. :) So I'll start with a kudos for that! But I also want to add my name to the list of people who are seeing bugs with the Duplicate function of the program. I've spent the past 18 or so hours fiddling with things, trying to find steps to replicate the issue since I know that's most helpful for developers. Here's what I've been able to discover:

- I only run into this issue on the very FIRST copy after opening the program. All subsequent copies seem to work as expected.
- This is only an interface issue. I've done a comparison of multiple versions of the actual script (JSON) file and no matter whether the interface is displaying the script correctly or not, the actual script files are all identical. (I believe that's good news.)
- There are two irregularities happening with this first copy:
1) All elements get duplicated in the interface. As others have pointed out, you can collapse the highest level in the tree then expand the tree and the elements no longer appear duplicated. On a whim, after the first copy where all elements displayed duplicated, I copied another item and all the duplicated items disappeared. Subsequent copies once again worked as expected. So it seems there are two ways to remove the visually-duplicated items: a) Collapse and expand the tree, and b) duplicate another element.
2) Many elements get shuffled into a seemingly random order. After digging into the script file, it turns out that this is not a random order at all. It appears that the copy bug is causing the elements to rearrange into the order of creation, i.e. the highest "id" for each element. For others experiencing the issue, when you observe the shuffled items, if you view the corresponding script (JSON) file, I believe you'll find that the "random" order in the interface is the exact order the elements are ordered in the script file.

A couple of caveats:
- My script file is for a BCF2000, and it's not very complicated. But the fact that this bug is affecting even a "simple" script is instructive.
- I have not yet tried to duplicate a mode because I haven't had a need...yet. So I have not tested that behavior.
- I saw another post that there's also a duplicate bug that rears its ugly head if you duplicate a controller element after you've already created a script that is connected to that controller. Apparently it wipes out button assignments. I haven't had to use that workflow, but I will soon. Glad I saw that other reported issue ahead of time! In any case, it seems maybe that there's an overall Duplicate issue that maybe (hopefully!) is tied to one "simple" thing that fixes all our issues. One can hope. :)

I'm attaching my script and controller files if you want to use them for testing. Since I know how to replicate this bug on demand, I'd be happy to try and do a screen recording of the bug in action if that would help. Even in just under 48 hours of using the program, I like it enough that I want to help you squash some bugs. I'm not a developer, but I know how to help developers since I do that in my day job. :)


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Control Surface Studio User

Follow up on this: After working on my script further today, it seems like the very first copy (after starting the program) at every level of the tree causes elements to appear duplicated. For instance, if I duplicate an element under a Mode (e.g. a Track), all the elements under that mode will appear duplicated. If I duplicate an element under a Track, all elements under that track will appear duplicated. This would apply for every track as well - if I have 8 tracks, all 8 will exhibit the same symptom the first time an element is duplicated under each track. But, just like in my original example, after the first duplication, every subsequent duplication behaves as expected.

John Carney
Forum Admin


Thanks for your super in depth bug report, we will keep a note of this and hopefully get it squashed soon.
With regards to the controller input duplication issue you mentioned, We fixed this a while a go in version 2.5.1 (if it is the same issue).

Control Surface Studio User

Thanks for the response, John! I think my concern about the controller input duplication issue can be dismissed. Pretty sure I did that the other day with no repercussions.