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Dual Midi Fighter Twisters -Right not working

Submitted by AnthonyM on Thu, 11/26/2020 - 09:50
Control Surface Studio User


Slowly finalizing how I actually want to use this and looks like the midi fighter twister is the best. I got two of them hoping to switch between "navigation" mode ie volume/sends for 8 tracks then to "synth" mode, controlling specific parameters across the selected tracks synth.

I got the mapping to work for the left controller but nothing for the right. Ableton picks up midi coming into it but there is no light blue button in the top right corner like the left one creates, making me think that its not triggering the control surface script

I went into the midi twister fighter software and updated all the cc values for the right controller from banks 1-4 to start from 64 - 127 so it doesnt conflict with the left controller and i dont really understand why its not working. In ableton i have the two fighters selected in preferences and choose the same script to run both so thought it would be pretty seemless. Is this css issue?


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John C
Forum Admin

Hi Tony,

If you have changed the mid messages on one of your controllers, then you will need to also change the midi messages to match it in the controller template (in Control Surface Studio).
So, what you would need is a controller template for each twister - just duplicate the twister template and then change the midi messages in it to match your seconds twister (probably give it a different name too so you know which is which).
Then you would also need to duplicate your script and set the newly duplicated controller template as its controller (in the sctipt's settings).
Then install both into live, and assign the correct script to each of your controllers.

I hope that makes sense?

Control Surface Studio User

Thanks John - i used the pre built Twister that has the 4 banks but turned the 2nd one into my "right" controller. Was i correct in saying the issue with dual scripts is that when i use the bottom right button to switch modes, itll only update the left controller, and ill need to allocate another button on the right controller to also change modes? I just would like one button and the two work in sync so thought by aligning cc'd with script and controller this could work.

Control Surface Studio User

its defs something in the shared script cause i just tried making a custom right one and it worked. I also tried duplicating the left controllers script and renaming right, then allocating to the right controller but that didnt work either :(

John C
Forum Admin

Changing modes will only affect single script which you pressed the button on.
I'm not sure why the script for your right controller isn't working, as long as the midi data is correct in controller template that you're using for it, there's no reason why it wouldn't work... Unless you have errors in that script for some reason, are you seeing any errors in the CSS log?

Control Surface Studio User

Does anyone know how many midi fighters you can pair up? I'd like to get 6 going to control 24 tracks.

John C
Forum Admin

You're in luck, Ableton Live allows up to 6 controller to be connected.
(If you wanted more, you could also use a midi hub)