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Drum Rack (Mute/Unmute) - Button toggle

Submitted by mmirezumi on Sat, 02/10/2024 - 13:47
Control Surface Studio User

Hello ! I'm tweaking a novation launch control & i'm a little lost for a simple thing on a drum rack.

First i was happy to do a led feedback for a mute/unmute drum rack pad.
On the same button i would like to do a simple "mute" toggle button.

I tested with reaction :

1-When button x is pressed
2-Condition : Only continue if Drum Pad mute (bool) is equal to false
3-Then, Drum Pad set mute True.

Ok, it works on one function.

But i don't know how to do to have both condition/toggle for mute & unmute (because if i make a second reaction with inverted settings, i'm stuck in a "mute/unmute" loop.

It's a stupid question i know, it's just i don't know where to search the solution. (maybe on "get value from ranges" or not ?)

Thanks a lot ! (and next step if i can...make drum note feedback on the button ;) )

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2 Responses


Control Surface Studio User

Hello ! Any tips about this please ?

Control Surface Studio User

If I get this right you may get into a loop as you may not have put an exit action to your action block.
Basically what you do is this

>listener (ie button 1) when button 1 is pressed do this:

then you have two blocks one for muting and one for unmuting

> block 1: if pad is mute >> then unmute
> exit reaction (you will find this in the script menu)

block 2: if pad is not muted >> then mute it
(you don;t neet to use exit here as it's the end of the reaction anywy)

the exit reaction on the firstblock will preevnt you from having the loop you are talking about :)