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drag & drop, move easier copy & paste

Submitted by danicroitor on Fri, 02/22/2019 - 11:17
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Control Surface Studio User

I think that we would safe lots of time if we would have the possibility to move things around easier. For example:
1. when you design the controller, it is pretty hard to move the objects (knobs, sliders...etc) if we we're able to just click and drag that would be AWESOME!
- the same thing applies on the left sidebar. for example, would be nice to be able to reorganise the elements I have on Mode 1 or to move things from mode 1 to another mode ... things like that. Close to that... the ability to select multiple items and move/copy/paste them.
2. copy & paste. It is a pain. wouldn't be much easier to be able to do that directly in the work area/preview area ?
3. Right click options: if there is already a pad placed on the controller design would be way easier to have some option on the right click or something like double-click and an window that appear where to insert the data or whatever..

Kind regards!

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