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DJing using 2 Traktor F1 Controllers and a MFT Twister

Submitted by hamster_switch on Wed, 05/12/2021 - 20:57
Control Surface Studio User

Hi there, I have a possible DJ workflow idea and I am wondering if it is possible with the help of remotify to create the right script for it. The workflow will incorporate my 2 (maybe 4 in the future) Traktor Kontrol F1's for deck control, browser control and channel effects. I also have a MIDI Fighter Twister for more effects control over two effect busses. Please read the below 6 points and tell me how much of it will be possible and scriptable.

For context: Songs I want to DJ with will be pre-prepared for performances by being warped, then split into (up to) 16 cells to use as hot cues and loops of that track. Each song will then be saved as an .alp file (see the 5min video that inspired me: The .alp's will be loaded onto any of the 4 Audio tracks which will act like 4 channels on a DJ mixer with channel effects. The channel effects will be controlled by the 4 faders and 4 knobs on the F1. These channels will then go into two effects busses, the effects on these will be controlled by my MF-Twister

1) Hardware & Software orientation: Lock all functionality of each F1 controller to one Audio track. I am not interested in operating two or more channels simultaneously using one F1. Regarding my MF-Twister. I want the left 8 knobs locked to control effects on effects bus A and the right, Effects bus B.

So, 2 F1's = 2 Audio channels for 2 deck mixing. 4 F1's = 4 Audio channels for 4 deck mixing. If there is a way to toggle between audio channels using the same F1 (ie 2 F1's to control 4 audio channels) then that is ok but not essential. In case I have not made myself clear - One F1 to be locked and dedicated into one audio channel at a time. Left 8 knobs of the MF-Twister to be locked ad dedicated to FX bus A, the left on B. This is essential for all the operation below.

2) Performance: Have the (up to) 16 clips of each .alp song to appear on the 4X4 cell grid on the corresponding F1. Make any other button on the F1 to be the "stop cells" button". Use push encoder to use as an autoloop effect by turning it to select loop length, then push to activate/deactivate it. Loop length to display in F1 LCD (calculator-looking) screen. Pushing down the knobs on the MF-Twister to select and activate/deactivate each of the 8 macro effects loaded onto the corresponding effect bus.

3) Colour feedback: Regarding the F1 performance cells, I want only 4 different colours. For cells that are not playing, I want the top 8 cells to be blue and bottom to be green. I want a cell that is playing audio to be red and the cell that is scheduled to play next (follow action) to slowly flash as orange. I am not interested in getting the cells to illuminate in the same or similar colour as the cells in the session view. Regarding the MF Twister, I want 8 colours to represent 8 different macros that are loaded to the corresponding busses. for example, the left-most bus selected will be red, the next one along to be blue, the one after that orange etc

4) Browser control: Pressing the browser button and then use the push encoder on the F1 to scroll up and down the browser when the encoder is twisted. Load an alp (song) onto the the audio channel that the F1 is dedicated to by selecting it in the browser and pressing the F1's encoder. Load an effect/rack/vst/max for live device onto the corresponding audio channel by selecting it in the browser and pressing the encoder button. Use any other two buttons to go left or right in the browser (go into and back out of a folder or section of something).

5) Channel effects: Use faders and top four encoders on the F1 to control the effects that are on that channel. The 8 potentiometers (4X faders + 4 knobs) to operate an 8 knob macro box and any other two buttons to select the effect to control in the insert chain.

6) A certain combination of buttons (for example shift+reverse) + push encoder on any F1 to select and adjust the BPM of the project. Another combination of buttons + push encoder to change the global quantize.

If all the above is 100% doable then I will grab a copy of Remotify without hesitation and get scripting! Thanks for reading.

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