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DJ Tech Tools Midi Fighter 64 Ableton Live Clip Launcher script

Submitted by cmjr on Wed, 07/24/2019 - 00:55
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I have created an Ableton Live Clip Launcher script using for my DJ Tech Tools Midi Fighter 64. This is a starting point to eventually build scripts for a few other midi controllers to utilize combination mode so that all combined midi remote scripts follow the same red box in ableton's session view. I would to combine 2 Midi Fighter Twisters with the Midi Fighter 64 so that I can launch 8 tracks at a time in front of me via the Midi Fighter 64's 8x8 arcade button and RGB lights interface, and control 8 tracks of volume, pan, and sends via 2 Midi Fighter Twisters which each have a 4x4 interface of endless encoder pushable knobs. My goal with this setup is to emulate the control of having an 8 channel analog mixing console to control buckets of 8 tracks at a time when working in Ableton's session view. Now that I have the script written in for the Midi Fighter 64, I would like to begin working on the scripts for the 2 Midi Fighter Twisters. I have a script written by Mattias of DJ Tech Tools to use a Midi Fighter Twister as a mixing console in Ableton, so I just use that script. However, I think I will most likely need to modify it to suit my usage. Regardless of whether I use Mattias's script or I build my own for the Midi Fighter Twisters, what is the best way to get all the scripts to work in combination with each other as a single 8 channel mixing console? Should I build the Midi Fighter Twister script separately in or should I do it CSS? I find CSS to be really user-unfriendly for the most part compared to If I do it in CSS, what is the best way to set about accomplishing this task? For example, can I build the entire controller concept with all of the controllers involved right in CSS's Controller Manager window? Or do I have to create separate individual controller concepts in CSS's Controller Manager window for each physical controller? I'm assuming that I would need to create separate individual scripts for each Midi Fighter Twister as well? So I guess that would be 2 separate scripts since I would be using 2 physical Twisters in this particular concept? I apologize in advance if I am over complicating this scenario with these questions, but I just need a little help being pointed in the right direction for the best way to make this concept work with all 3 controllers involved. I will sincerely appreciate any information you can provide to help me bring this concept to light.


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John Carney
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Hi Craig,

To accomplish this in CSS, you firstly need 2 Controllers added.
MIDI Fighter Twister
MIDI Fighter 64

Then you can create 3 separate scripts
1 for the MF 64
and 1 each for the Twisters.

You would connect them together by adding a 'Session Box' Mapping Type in each script and turning 'Combination Mode' On for each of them.

The other thing would be to set the left offset to 4, for one of your twister scripts.
This will mean that one of you twisters will control tracks 5 - 8 to begin with.
Then you can of course as they will be linked together, you will be able to move all 3 with 1 set of navigation controls on 1 of the controllers.

I video tutorial which goes into a lot of this will be on youtube in the next couple of weeks, so maybe subscribe to our youtube channel: