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Different MIDI data into Different Channels

Submitted by c3r1c3 on Wed, 03/25/2020 - 23:17
Control Surface Studio User

Hello CSS Team,

Loving the product and making the ideal MIDI Fighter Twister setup. (I started with the excellent and freely available unit in CSS and added the second set of knobs and both LED extensions, I can send that up if you'd like).

My feature request is that when in the Script Manager->Track->Volume/pan/pretty much everywhere one can select a MIDI/LED feedback message, please add the ability to select/enter the message being sent to each selected destination, individually. This would allow me to more quickly build/add on some interactivity without having to dig into -which by the way, I'm really digging ;-) - the events/listeners section of the app. It would also help in keeping the responses in the same place as the actions/controller, which helps speed up testing/trying out new things, and makes it easier to mentally keep track of what's happening where.

Very Side issue/feature request: The program slows down the more edits I make to a controller, and complex/large controllers are slow from the time they load up. Speeding it up a bit would really nice. It feels like instead of linked lists for the objects and just a bit of pointer math to move things around (or a simple index swap), it's being sorted/rebuilt each time something is done (including moving items up or down in the list on the left side) which leads to a bit of memory fragmentation and the extra slow down.

Thanks for listening,

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John Carney
Forum Admin

Hi c3r1c3,
Thanks for the feedback, glad to hear you're enjoying the app.
I will add your feature request for investigation as well as the issue you mentioned regarding the app slowing down.