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device selector / parameter bank

Submitted by Nicolás Vandendries on Wed, 11/23/2022 - 18:46
Nicolás Vandendries
Control Surface Studio User

Hello everybody

I succeed to script the control of the 8 first parameters with MFT and also with Apc40mk2
It works with both ( not a the same time i try on both just for testing )
but with the apc40mk2 its not fluid like with the MFT
Someone can maybe tell me why
thanks for your help

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2 Responses


John C
Forum Admin

What do you mean by 'it's not fluid' on the APC?

Nicolás Vandendries
Control Surface Studio User

hello john
i think im approaching the solution i dont have this problem when i disable the led feed back. but in this case when i switch to another track i dont led do not follow the information
by no fluid I mean that there is a small hitch
complicated to describe
but I think it is a confusion of the return of the led
I continue to search
it work so nice with the MFT i need to do that with the apcmk2
thanks for asking