Device Selection & Parameter Control Across Multiple Tracks

Submitted by ConTrick on Fri, 12/29/2017 - 15:47
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Hi there! Remotify is a really great idea and time saver - so I hope you can help me with this (hopefully rectifiable) issue. I've got a script that allows me to use the midi note controls of my BeatStep Pro (in its native 'control mode') to toggle between tracks, and between devices within tracks. At the same time want to be able to map some of the BSPs encoders to the parameters of *whatever device rack is selected* at the time (be that instrument or effect). This seems intuitively how things should work. So the track and device navigation/selection are working as expected. However, what I'm finding is that the *parameter control* usually sticks to whatever device rack it initially maps to. I've attached the relevant json file. I hope this is something that can be readily remedied - otherwise sadly will be looking for a refund as this is the minimum level of flexibility I'd hoped for. All the best

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Actually think I sorted it. It was pre-existing midi mappings on the track I was testing on. Thanks again for Remotify :)

John Carney
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I see you appear to have fixed your issue,
One other thing to check for is that the "blue hand" is moving to the new device.
If this isn't working, what I do is add the "advance" script to the the list of active midi remote scripts in preferences > midi of Ableton.