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Device Select Display/Nearly there

Submitted by Maikoos on Sun, 07/07/2019 - 03:10
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Hi John
Thanks for the trouble shooting. I've gone through and adjusted all the LED feedback settings as advised,. We're nearly there I hope. Script is half working though I still am getting lots of errors (see the attached log.txt file) and corresponding non functioning controls.
One issue that stared occurring before the update and is continuing on is that when I select a device, particularly if its embedded in a chain, it no longer displays in the bottom LH corner of Live. It SELECTS, but doesnt display. In the past whenever I selected a device that device would be lined up on the bottom LH side of the screen (see examples attached)
Also a question regarding text feedback. I'm wondering if its possible to have real time feedback of text such as names and controller info as you move around live, like with the Push or with my keyboard the Novation SLMK2. With the supplied Novation template you see the names of devices displayed in the LCD window on the Kb.
Just a thought.



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Sorry pressed Save too early! Here are the rest of the uploads displaying the misalignment and non displaying of devices.

John Carney
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Yes I see what you mean. When you select the Device, the Track will switch but the Device does not scroll into view.

We will investigate this but a quick and easy fix is to activate a script which has the blue hand.
I just activated the 'advance' script and didn't assign it to anything. This fixed the problem (screenshot attached)

I answered your other questions regarding text feedback and errors in another post replying to you:

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Hi John,
The ADVANCE script solution you proposed above worked thanks.