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Device Parameter ON/OFF

Submitted by Vincent SAMUEL on Thu, 04/15/2021 - 17:03
Vincent SAMUEL
Control Surface Studio User

thank you very much for this very powerful application.
I am using ableton live 11
I have a problem controlling the parameter of a device when it is an ON / OFF button
No worries to control a parameter with a knob with values ​​from 0 to 128 but what to do when it is a switch ?
I assigned the parameter to a button. This switches to OFF but impossible to switch to ON.

In my example the knobs 5,6 and 7 activate respectively the octave, the fourth and the fifth in my harmonizer (Quadravox) and the knobs 5,6,7 control the volumes.

Can you help me please ?

Thank you very much for you help.


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John C
Forum Admin

Hi Vincent,

It sounds like switch requires a different value to what is currently being sent.
Try changing the 'maximum' setting of your mapping to 1%. It might be that the switch max value is 1.0 rather than other parameters which have a min/max of 0/127

Vincent SAMUEL
Control Surface Studio User

Thank You very much ! it's working !
I had been looking for 15 days. You are a genius ! :)
Thank you !!!
I have one last problem ....
LED FeedBack doesn't work !
Color for OFF is OK (Light Blue in my exemple)
but Color for ON stays off... no color !
I did not set any condition for LED color concerning this button in Parameter Bank, Device, or track.

What should I modify for LED feedback ?

Thank you very much !


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John C
Forum Admin

Have you tried changing it from momentary to toggle? if that doesn't solve it, just double check that no other mappings are sending LED to that button which could be overriding this one.

Vincent SAMUEL
Control Surface Studio User

Changing "Momentary" to "Toggle" change nothing.
I have verified that no other maping is sent to these buttons.
An observation :
the state for OFF is good with "Momentary" but the leds remain off for the state ON.
Disabling or disabling leaves the OFF state (blue light) but it is impossible to turn on again.
This may perhaps give a clue ?

Pro User


What controller do you map inside CSS?

Vincent SAMUEL
Control Surface Studio User

My controller is a Fighter Twister.

Pro User

Hey, I've attached the screencapture of my Device on/off command. Note that my Switch is mapped to CC hold in the MF Utility and I'm using velocity to control ON and OFF state colours.

Vincent SAMUEL
Control Surface Studio User

Thank you but it's ok for On/OFF device... i want to control an ON/OFF button IN a device...
For exemple, i want to control the button "Note ON/OFF" in the Ableton device "Note lenth"

In attach, you will find the json file (To test it, just insert "Note lenth" in midi track 1"
Controls on my fighter twister are :
Button 1 : ON/OFF device
Button 2 : Note ON/ Note OFF ... in this device

It works perfectly but I don't have the light feedback for Button 2
This is my problem :'(

Thank you for your help !