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Device Navigation and parameter baking

Submitted by rhythmhead on Wed, 06/26/2019 - 02:18
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I really miss the ability to navigate devices and navigate parameter banks with buttons. I am using a MIDI Twister and all I am using all the knob but have lots os spare buttons to use. CSS is kind of unusable for me at this state....

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John Carney
Forum Admin


You can use buttons or knobs for Device Navigation and Parameter Banking with Control Surface Studio.
I have attached a script I just quickly made for the Twister which has Device Navigation and Parameter Banking with buttons. You can download/import it into CSS to learn from.

Here is how you use buttons for Navigation:
1. select the first select list to 'Scroll' (device navigation does not have this option)
2. select your button
3. set 'Control' to 'Custom'
4. set 'Control Type' to 'Increment' (or 'decrement' to move in the opposite direction)
5. set steps to 1. This will move by 1 each time you press the button, setting it to more will move it by more on each press.
I have also attached a screenshot of how it should look for Parameter Banking

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Cool thanks. Any update when you might add Cue Volume to CSS. That's one of the big reasons I still prefer the web app.

John Carney
Forum Admin

We don't have anything specific at the minute for this sorry.
It will be added eventually, it is a little bit down the Development list.