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Custom Looper

Submitted by AnthonyM on Tue, 08/31/2021 - 16:22
Control Surface Studio User

Hi Remotify Community
I was hoping someone could help, or i could commission someone to help with setting a midi foot controller (or really any pad controller) to do the following (replicate very similar this controller: Blackstar Live Logic MIDI Control Station

Behringer FCB1010 MIDI Foot Controller

Top row of 4:
Session box
Click once to arm, and record first clip
Click again to record in the next clip slot
Hold down click to stop all tracks in the track
Double Click to delete the latest clip in the track (even if unselected (ie 1st button for first track, 2nd for second track etc)

Bottom Row:
Access drum kit in ableton
bottom left could be linked like a normal midi controller to kick
Next over would be snare
next over would be hi hat

Im not sure how to do this as im not super good on reactions, but if the blackstar can do it, hoping a script can be written as current i waste alot of buttons with css just to do one task each, when id like to combine.

If anyone can help/reach out that would be appreciated.


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Control Surface Studio User

I can appreciate your desire to have a custom looping setup that fits your needs. After considering what you are after, I wonder if you have looked into what Ableton’s Looper provides in this way. With a single tap, the looper begins recording just like a clip. A second tap begins overdubbing, a double tap stops the looper on the track, and a hold while stopped clears the looper, similar to deleting all the clips on the track. This method may even prove superior to the clip method in your case as it allows for overdubbing.
Controlling drum sounds/samples is done by ensuring the midi notes being sent by your controller correspond with the right pads in your drum rack.

One of the more difficult aspects of the FCB1010 is programming it to send notes instead of CC messages if you haven’t already. This will be necessary for both midi mapping Looper’s transport button and triggering drum samples.