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Custom list bug

Submitted by Fluxiia on Mon, 01/29/2024 - 00:02
Control Surface Studio User

I presume this is a bug:
I created two reactions as follows:

the first reaction loop through all tracks, if tracks are visible then print them and add them to list 1;
the second reaction assigns the items of list 1 to modifier and prints the iteration numbers.

the first reaction runs as expected, returning the iteration numbers from 0 to 9 (in a 10 tracks project); however, the second reaction returns 9 as the first item (when it should be 0) please see attached pic.

(the log dispays the list twice as my button sends on and off messages).

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2 Responses


Control Surface Studio User

I presume this may be due to the fact that the iterations start from 0, whilst the list start from 1, hence wehn calling the item on position 0 the last item on the list is returned.... I wander if there is a way to get the list in the correct order

Free User

I'm seeing something similar, but I'm finding that my custom list duplicates the first track's name twice at the top of the list, and misses off the last track altogether.