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CSS Version 2.5.3 is out!

Submitted by Remotify Team on Mon, 07/06/2020 - 07:52
Remotify Team
Forum Admin

Hi all, we're really happy to announce that version 2.5.3 of Control Surface Studio is now available.
You can download it either from the login screen inside CSS or by going to your personal 'My Downloads' page on the website. You will find a link to this page in top menu (when logged in).

The most notable change in this update is the new resizable panel layout inside CSS, meaning you can increase/decrease the size of each area to suit you and what you're doing in the App. 

The new resizable panel functionality and Tooltips:

For this release we have focused on improving the stability of CSS by fixing many bugs and issues reported by you all aswell as a sizable rewrite of the code behind the scenes. So hopefully you will all have a smooth experience with the App from now on.

As you will see in the details below, we have added 'autofixing' functionality and error reporting of json files.
Previously if a controller or script json file contained an error then the script/controller would simply disappear inside CSS. If this happens now, you will see an error message with details of the error and the json file which has become unreadable. 
You may find that a number of your scripts and controllers which had previously disappeared, now magically re-appear. This is due to the new 'autofixing' functionality. If a file is autofixed, a success message will display informing you of this. 


  • The width and height of panels inside CSS can now be increased/decreased by dragging their edges.
  • Settings forms now appear in a separate panel in the bottom right section of the App. 
  • The contents of the Script & Controller Managers respond in width to the size of the panel.
  • Button added for reloading CSS.
  • Names of controller inputs now display in tooltips when you hover them in the midi controller panel.
  • Tooltips added for all icons in the app.
  • Auto fix functionality added for json files which have an extra closing bracket at end of the file, preiously causing them to be unreadable by CSS.


  • If a script or controller .json file cannot be displayed or auto fixed (see above). An error message appears with details of the issue. 
  • Knobs in the midi controller were slowing performance of the App down, these have now been replaced with a much more lightweight option. 
  • As part of streamlining workflow, when in script manager view, its no longer possible to change selection (the blue outline) by clicking an input in midi controller view.
  • The logout text link is now changed to an icon.


  • Mappings in the script manager were becoming duplicated. This was happening in a variety of situations which have all now been fixed.
  • When a controller template contained two or more groups of 'Keys', one would often not be movable.
  • When adding multiple sets of pads or keys in a controller template, the name/number combination of inputs are now increased correctly, preventing duplicated input names.
  • The pads visual now updates correctly when you change the amount of rows / columns it contains.
  • Default script now downloads correctly on first App load. 
  • Install button would sometimes not work when you first create a new script or have just imported one.
  • Unable to assign a script to use controller template which was originally duplicated from another controller.
  • The default MIDI type for buttons, pads and keys is now set to 'Note'.
  • Plus many minor bug and stability fixes. 

You can view the full Control Surface Studio changelog here.


The Remotify Team.

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4 Responses


Control Surface Studio User

Hi, it worked the first time I started it on my Mac. It was a fresh install because I bought it yesterday. But the second time I started the application it hangs on the start screen with the "checking for updates" message. I already restarted my Mac two times. I checked my internet connection. My Mac runs on OSX Catalina. Do you have a solution for this?
Kind regards,

John C
Forum Admin

Hi Franklin,

Do you have a firewall or something similar running on your Mac which could be blocking CSS from connecting to our server? this is a requirement for the app to load.


Control Surface Studio User

Hi John, thanks for the reaction. It's working now. Maybe it could not reach the update server? Anyway, glad it’s working now.

kind regards,

John C
Forum Admin

After checking yes we did have an issue were the server was running extremely slow earlier today, so that could have been the problem.
Glad its working now! :)