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Submitted by Simsonatic on Fri, 03/15/2019 - 16:40
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1. LED off/reset (ConfigurableButtonElements):
CSS and the Web App are using the ConfigurableButtonElements from the Launchpad scriptfolder. The ConfigurableButtonElements from Launchpad sends midi value 4 as LED off value and LED reset. That causes, in the case that the LED´s of a controller lit on on any value except 0, all configured Buttons in a script to stay lit on if you close Ableton. Also every empty Clipslot of the Session Box lit on if you start Ableton, load another Liveset or if you delete any Clip inside the redbox.

I added a copy of the ConfigurableButtonElements with off and reset value 0.
Isn´t it possible to make the Apps using and installing that version into the scriptfolder?

For those who want that feature right now:
just copy the file into your script folder, rename it to delete the _.txt extension, open your scriptfile.py with an Editor (Notepad++) and delete the link to the Launchpad folder.

before: "from Launchpad.ConfigurableButtonElement import ConfigurableButtonElement"
after: "from ConfigurableButtonElement import ConfigurableButtonElement"
(should be Line 13)

2. Add LED color feedback for the Session Box:
I just wanted to ask.......than i found the commented code... seems to work, session link also, when i added.
i guess the update is comming soon.

3. Add a global Midi channel:
Add the option for a global midi channel in the controller manager/script and make all new added controlls use it by default.
Not all, but most controllers are using the same midi channel for all controlls, so that can save some time creating them.
In the case that more than one channel is used, they can be edited per controlls afterwards

3.2 some more defaults in controller manager
Make all new created Pads, Buttons and Keys using Midi Notes by default.
Knobs, Sliders and crossfader leave as is (maybe add Pitchbend instead, some devices like Mackie are using PB for the Faders)
Make Buttons square by default. Except Push Encoders, 90% of all controllers i´ve ever seen have square buttons.
Make the container and controlls colorable, just for the overview (some controllers have innately shift/mode/layer functions)
increase the number of knobs, sliders and especially buttons to 128 (yeah its the midi max value) The Xone K2 has more than 100 buttons. (ok i could use Pads for the 4x4 Matrix instead :D)

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John Carney
Forum Admin

I think it would be a bit excessive needing to download and install an entire file just to change the off value.
But point taken about the off value being set to 4.

Yes LED Feedback options for Session Box are currently commented out until we add the UI for it. just uncomment and set your values.

Good points regarding defaults for various controls too.