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CSS app corrupt - how to clean install windows

Submitted by on Wed, 12/28/2022 - 07:08
Control Surface Studio User

I have 6 mode selectors in my script and now for some reason when I try to add another or edit any of the previous ones random behavior such as elements fo the script just disappearing for no reason are happening.

How do I start with a clean install to delete all of the preferences - there's no uninstall or folder that I can see associated with it, just the ControlSurfaceStudio exe file. There is a control surface studio folder at C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Roaming but its empty and deleting it doesn't affect the app

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Control Surface Studio User

the corruption seems to be related to parameter banks - this thread pointed me in the right direction but didn't solve it for me -

I have a script with 6 modes and this works. I add a 7th mode and it will load into Ableton until I add a parameter bank. Then I receive the error ' get device chain target error: we can't currently handle the device selectors of type: called by config_module'. If I delete the parameter bank it will load without error. I have tried creating a new script and copying over the modes from the old script and this doesn't fix it either. Have also tried creating the parameter bank in a new empty script and copying this over. In the new empty script, it works but when copied into the original it fails again.

This must be a bug I guess - can you help me solve this pleae

Control Surface Studio User

Same here. This drives me nuts - days of work gone!

John C
Forum Admin

Hi Geoff,
This video explains how to reset configuration/settings for Control Surface Studio: