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CSS Ableton Live Sends Help

Submitted by trash116 on Sat, 11/16/2019 - 19:39
Pro User

Hi Everyone,

I've just upgraded to CSS, on first glance it looks like it will enable me to make the DJ TT Midi Fighter Twister the controller i always wanted - going to have some fun trying to play with some scripts,

One thing i've been trying to puzzle out, and my trial and error scripts have not worked is....

I want to make Send A on Ableton Live jump to 100% (maximum send) when i press the button on the rotary knob on the twister and revert back to 0% off either when i release the button, but preferably when i press the button again.

Is this possible?

I've had a go - several times and failed..

any help would be appreciated

Many thanks

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John Carney
Forum Admin


This is simple enough with Reactions.
You can copy the attached screenshots. These set the send to full when the button is on (button sends a value of 127) and set the send to 0 when the button is off (button sends a value of 0).
The full entry in the reaction is this:
This controls the first send on track 1. You can change this to control send 2 by changing the second 0 to 1 like so:
and you can change the track to 2 by changing the first 0
For full details of things such as selected track or relative to session box, see the section "Targeting Mixer Controls & Devices on Tracks & Scenes" on the reactions reference page: