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CSS 2.5 Upate is Now Available (video inside)

Submitted by Remotify Team on Tue, 07/02/2019 - 13:05
Remotify Team
Forum Admin
We're extremely happy to announce that version 2.5 of Control Surface Studio has gone live today!
This update brings a many new features, fixes and updates that you have all been asking for. Some of the biggest new features are: Customisable Bi-Directional LED Feedback options for many controls, Drag and Drop functionality with in the App for Mappings and Controller Inputs, New Duplicate & Delete buttons for Mappings and Inputs Click and Drag functionality for moving MIDI Controller Inputs. And much much more. See the Changelog for a full list of all New Features, Bug Fixes and Updates: You will find download links for the update on the CSS Product Page here: (they only display when you are logged in). Also when opening your current version of the App, an option to download the update will display on the login screen. In the upcoming weeks we will be updating all Documentation to include version 2.5 changes and creating a collection of new Tutorials. If you have any suggestions on tutorials which will help you better use the App, please let us know. Thank you and we hope you enjoy using the update The Remotify Team.
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John C
Forum Admin

Hey all,

Just a quick note. If you are finding that Scripts are no longer working which were working in the previous version. Check that the LED settings have values set in your Controller settings form and in the Script settings form (set the script LED settings to custom, then select values for all of the options. You can then switch it back to default if you want).

See video demo:


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Thanks !!!!!! Lets check it

Pro User

I'm trying and I think it's GREAT. Now IF I'm going to stop using the web option, finally. THANK YOU.

Pro User

It's fantastic! Literally filled in the blanks of everything I needed. I need to do some further testing but looks like everything is working well. Great also to see the session box position stay the same when changing modes. Seriously well done!

Pro User

One thing though. Sometimes there's a bug with the top menu where the application menu becomes the Edit menu and also cmd+Q to close doesn't work. I have to force close.