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Submitted by renanvcarvalho on Wed, 06/15/2022 - 03:41
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Hello everyone, I've just bought the license and was researching here in the forum and couldn't find any answer to the same questions by other colleagues here.

Just to explain I have this situation in ableton:
Instrument Rack > Instrument Rack 1
, > Instrument Rack 2

The first instrument rack is the master track and I don't wanna do anything with it right now, however I would like to map my vst parameters to my second layer of instrument rack and set them to different chain numbers so I can map and control it individual without changing a value in 1 while moving a fader to instrument 2.

Is this possible?
I've tried and so far, couldn't find a answer.

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John C
Forum Admin

You can access device parameters inside chains using the 'device selector' parent.
To access varying chains you would just need setup multiple device selectors and assign them to the correct depth, then add your device device parameters inside those.

Does that help at all? we also have a video tutorial on devices:

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Hi John, yeah, I've watched your tutorial and still can't get it to work.
Cause when i use chain targeting it start to turn every chain macro's together.
It seems that it doesn't respect the chain selector. It just merge every chain macro's together.
What am I doing wrong?