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Controlling parameters within a drumrack

Submitted by Bram78 on Fri, 01/17/2020 - 22:15
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Hi all,

I'm making a script to control various tracks within a drumrack via my midifighter so I can tweak parameters for each drum sound on the fly, Elektron style if you will. Now I've managed to switch between different drum pads and control various devices within it, but I can't for the life of me figure out a few things:

1. Control Volume, Pan and Send of a drum pad (ie, the tracks within a drumrack). These are of course nested in the drumrack device, but is there any way to access them?

2. I want to use a button on the MF to switch a parameter in a VST on and off (enable band in Pro-Q3). This parameter only has as values "enabled" and "disabled" and when I control it via regular midimapping to a continuous controller knob, the switching point is 64. So I figured, I'll use the on(127)/off(0) type to control this, but no luck. When I used the regular mode (absolute) it does work, but only momentary. Anyone any idea what I'm doing wrong?

3. I control one parameter of Live's saturator (drive) with a knob, but unlike all other parameters I control, this one doesn't seem to give feedback on its current value, leading to jumps when I twist it on the MF. Again, I appreciate a pointer :)

Any help is appreciated!

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I don't mean to be an ass, but... help?? :)

John C
Forum Admin

Hi Bram,

Sorry for the delay in replying, in answer to your questions:
1. It's possible to map to the Volume, Pan and Send of a Drum Pad. (maybe there's a way using Reactions but I've not found one yet). Maybe you could just put a Utility Device on the Pad chain and control the volume and pan params of that instead?

2. First make sure your MF button is set as toggle. In the mapping's settings, have these settings:
control: 'custom',
control type: 'on/off'
On: 127
Off: 0
Switch Type: 'Toggle'
Then you should be able to set your Param to full with one click, and empty with the second click.

3. This should work exactly the same as any other param. Maybe put your device inside an instrument rack - assign the params to the macros and control that instead?

Control Surface Studio User

Hi John,

Thanks for the detailed response! I hadn't had the time to look into it until just now.

1. I thought about using the utility, but one of the benefits of using the rack parameters is that I can access the sends. Will dive into this some more, to see if I can come up with anything.
2. No dice. I must be thick :) No worries, I worked my way around it and maybe I'll manage to do this later.
3. I figured this one out. Apparently Live handles centre dented parameters differently from regular ones. Live lets the controller think it's a zero (and thus snaps to its lowest value), but the actual value should be 64. And they only sync up when you twist the controller. I worked around this by limiting the parameter range from 50% to 100% since I don't need the range below the centre dent anyway. But come to think of it, maybe you could consider some option in the control type for centre dented controls - if that is at all possible of course :)

Thanks again!

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Hi Bram,

I just got a Midi Fighter Twister. Im trying to figure out how to control an EQ I have inserted on my drum pad 1. Can you give me a pointer how you got this working?

I've tried a number of things but cant get the MFT to control a device within the drumpad. The setup I have works as expected when applied to an audio track and the 2nd device is the EQ, but not on the drumpad 1 track.

Greatly appreciated

Control Surface Studio User

Hi jj,

Wow, blast from the past! I had to look it up. I knew I had the same sort of issues, but wasn't quite sure how I resolved it.
My drum rack is how you'd expect, there's an instrument on one of the chains, and after that a number of effects (which in your case would be an EQ). Anyway, I had to look it up, and it's a long time since I've made it, but it seems the trick is to use chain targeting.
You engage that in CCS, and the pad you want to control which is the chain #. Now, I had horrible issues copying settings when I last used CCS (which is ages ago! - so may well be resolved), so I can't say for sure if the Device # in chain targeting is always 1, or whether it changes. I'd start with 1 and experiment... sorry. But the EQ you have in that chain should be the sequential number. Ie. if the EQ is the third device in the chain, then "select device" should be 3.
I've attached a screenshot.

Hope this helps - my knowledge is a little rusty I'm afraid. But please feel free to shout if you run into any issues, I'm happy to look if I missed something.


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Cheers Bram,

Will have a look and see if i can get something working.

Antoine GUEST
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I'm jumpimg on this thread because I would like to be able to navigate within my drum racks with my Novation launch control XL.
I can navigate through tracks and sends within my ableton session with the script I'm building for my. launchcontrol but when I'm highlighting the drum rack with my redbox or the highlight navigation selection I'm not able to access volume and sends of the drum rack tracks. Any idea how to manage that?