Controller Manager / Midi Value doesn't not hold when use with Midi monitoring ON [Fixed]

Submitted by danicroitor on Sat, 02/23/2019 - 21:12
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I noticed at some point that the midi value of my knobs, sliders and pad changed but I didn't knew why.
I was thinking that I did something wrong but after my controller disappeared from my controller manager I've tried to recreate it again and to speed things up I'm using midi monitoring in order to find out the midi value for knobs, pads etc and also the CSS takes it and assigning it to whatever I have selected... anyway.

I've noticed that when I'm using the midi monitoring to do that the knobs/sliders..etc are not holding those values and what it does is putting the las value to all the other knobs, pads..etc

Here is a video I did when this happens. When the midi value changes live is because I'm rotating something on my controller but notice what are the midi value of the knobs when I click back on them.

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