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Control Surface Studio 2.3 Report any bugs here

Submitted by John C on Wed, 01/16/2019 - 22:09
John C
Forum Admin

This is the place to post and discuss any bugs you come across with version 2.3 which was released 15th Jan 2019.

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John C
Forum Admin

If you are on Windows, the auto generated location of log.txt file isn't being set correctly in the settings menu.
This means that your error log won't be displaying any error messages, this will be fixed soon.
You can of course use the browse button and set the correct location.

Auto generated log.txt file is missing a \ after 'Ableton' & before 'Live 9.7.3'
C:\Users\johnc\AppData\Roaming\AbletonLive 9.7.3\Preferences\Log.txt
It should look like this:
C:\Users\johnc\AppData\Roaming\Ableton\Live 9.7.3\Preferences

John C
Forum Admin

Screenshot of settings form browse button attached.

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Pro User

Hi, just starting to get warm with css, but here the main things I stumbled on:

When creating session box, only 6 tracks are visible, if I have a session box with 8 tracks, the last two cannot be seen (nor their Clip Slots or Stop Buttons assigned), they disappear behind a white screen.
No Ready to use Controllers for me (I know, I can create èm by myself in the app, but this is very time consuming). I hope this is caused by the lack of time, so any chance you will add a Behringer BCR 2000 -Controller to download???
Only 30 Knobs and 20 Buttons available, The BCR 2000 gives me 56 Knobs and 52 Buttons , since the first row of 8 Knobs are also Buttons and have 4 layers...So I would need more Knobs and Buttons.
There´s noway to select a highlight navigation to relative to session Box or absolut...(since I assume SessionBox Navigation is for moving the "red box").

John C
Forum Admin

Hi Aehaem,

For the Session box you should be able to scroll the screen right and display the other tracks.
See this video demo:

You are correct about the Controllers, as it's very early days for the new app, we are still devoting most of out time to bug fixes. Pre-built Controllers are on their way. In fact, we are setting up a new section of the forum dedicated to building Controller files where you will be able to request and upload them.

Yes the 30 Knobs and 20 Buttons limitation is being raised to 100 for each. This will be available in a new update which should be out this week.

Correct again, there's not currently an option to make the highlight navigation relative to the session box/red box. We will investigate the possibility of adding this in future.

Pro User

Thank you, for your answer...
Ooops, I found the scroll page feature. BO

Since I have updated right now, thank you for raising the knobs and Button limit, that´s great.

Sincerely, Dennis

Control Surface Studio User


dont't know if it's the right place but i can't manage to set ableton live version :
i've browse and select the app , the midi remote script location is set and location of log.txt is ok
but the live version is not set i don't understand why
i am on macos el capitain ableton 9.7.7

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John C
Forum Admin


From your screenshot, the issue seems to be because your preferences folder is location in 'Volumes/JiguiDatas...'
The App expects Mac's Ableton Preferences to be located in:

However, not being able to set this shouldn't prevent your App from working as you can set the location of your log.txt file manually - which I see you have done. You can ignore the "Live version not set" message.

Control Surface Studio User

Mac OS Catalina 10.15.7
Ableton 11.05
Can't set Live Version - drop down menu empty
can't independently set Log.txt location because CSS browser can't access Library - to access the Library on a Mac you have to go to Finder>Go> (press alt) > Library.
please advise

John C
Forum Admin


Possibly there is an issue with the settings json file.
Try deleting the file, in Finder, go to your home directory > Control Surface Studio > settings
Delete the settings.json file
Then close and restart Control Surface Studio and try inputting the setting again.

If this doesn't work its not a major problem as the 'Live version' is only really used for auto setting the log.txt location.

Control Surface Studio User

didn't work. i assume it will be fixed eventually. i'll take your word it's "not a major problem" and ignore it, unless you tell me CSS really needs to know the location of log.txt.

John C
Forum Admin

ah sorry I missed the part about log.txt location.
Its best to get this working as CSS does use this for displaying errors (its also used more extensively in the upcoming update to Reactions).
The library folder not showing isn't an issue with CSS, you can make it visible, here is a guide on how to do it:

Or another way to set the log.txt folder in the CSS browser is to navigate to the log.txt folder in finder, then add the folder to your favourites on the left hand side. You will then be able to select the folder when you open the CSS Browser.