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Control does not exist in this session

Submitted by picky-picasso on Wed, 04/13/2022 - 16:24
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When I get close to Device Mapping, I get an error "Control does not exist in this session"

I'm just using the in built stuff - no custom code - So I can't figure out where the problem is. I've gone through all the device tutorials and videos and I'm trying to do it as simply as possible, but still no good.

What am I missing?

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Hello picky-picasso,
Are you still experiencing this problem?
This probably means there is a control you are using in the script that doesn't find its hardware counterpart.
Check the Controller Templates and also double-check if you are using the correct Controller Template in your script.

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I am experiencing the same issue when I try to control devices.

I'm pretty sure the hardware is working fine though as I am able to control tracks (record, volume etc) using my pads and encoders with no issues.

Its only when I touch a pad/encoder mapped to a *device*, that I get this error message: "This control does not exist in your session".

I've attached an screenshot of CSS. I'm using Ableton Live 11 and CSS2.7

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John C
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This could mean that either the device number doesn't exist that you are attempting to control or the param number within a device doesn't exist

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Hi thanks for the reply. I realised my MIDI controller was sending out cc messages on multiple channels. Using a single channel has resolved it.