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Conflict selecting Compressor device when Glue_compressor is on the track

Submitted by Matthew Diamond on Mon, 09/18/2023 - 20:29
Matthew Diamond
Control Surface Studio User


I'm wanting to have 4 dedicated knobs controlling Ableton compressor, no matter where the device is on a track.

I have a reaction finding the compressor by name, if a track is changed, and assigning m1 modifier the device loop iteration number, and then a device parameter mapping using m1 as the control my hardware should edit. (Sorry if that sounds confusing)

This all seems to work, however, if I have a Glue compressor and a Compressor on a track, my 'match text exactly' doesn't seem to ignore it, and I end up controlling the glue compressor.

My reaction code looks like this
self.song().tracks[0].devices[0].name == "Compressor"

I have tried hard code the ignore by adding
self.song().tracks[0].devices[0].name != "Glue compressor"

but still no dice, any help here would be appreciated

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3 Responses


Matthew Diamond
Control Surface Studio User
Forum Admin

Have you tried the other options for finding names: "class display name" or "class name". Check their descriptions in the Reactions menu.

Matthew Diamond
Control Surface Studio User

Hey John

I hadn't tried classes but 'Device - Class display name' worked perfectly.


ref for anyone coming across this at a later date :
`self.song().view.selected_track.devices[loop_number].class_display_name == "Compressor"`