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Combination mode query re: LED feedback to Launchpad X

Submitted by Bigallium on Thu, 02/20/2020 - 15:59
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Hi, only just discovering this world - and although I have done some reading I am not sure how to interpret what I have read....

If I were, for example, to set up a Launchpad X and something like a Behringer X-Touch Mini to act in Combination Mode (to give me additional Sends controls that follow the LPX's track selection), will the LPX's default functionality of lighting the pads to correspond with the clip colours in Live still work, or is this something I would need to set up additionally (and if so, is this possible) ?

thanks in advance


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Hi Bigallium,

Although you can connect the red boxes together of multiple scripts via combination mode, it's not currently possible to light pads based on the clip colours in Live.