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Color Mapping for Empty Clipslots

Submitted by pmellon42 on Fri, 11/11/2022 - 14:59
Control Surface Studio User

I'm mapping a Session Box controller and there's no way to make the LED's reflect a clip's empty state. Mapping "Clip Stopped" effectively makes the clips disappear into a mono-color grid when they are stopped. Please give us the ability to map an LED color for "Empty Clipslots" in the Session Box editor.

I've included as an example a controller running a 4x4 grid of clips (in orange). half of the slots are empty, half contain stopped clips, but every LED in the matrix is orange. I don't see how that's a usable set-up without just staring at the computer screen, so if i've missed something obvious i hope someone can lead me the right way.

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