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Clip View device view mapping

Submitted by Blair on Mon, 08/26/2019 - 10:53
Control Surface Studio User

Is there a way to make a mapping inCSS to bring up clip view or device view with the press of a buuton?

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Control Surface Studio User

Have you looked into the tutorial with the shift modes?
I guess this here is what you've been looking for:
Control Surface Studio User

Unless I missed it, the "Shift Modes" video that is linked above does not answer the question of how to toggle between Clip View and Device View.

John Carney
Forum Admin

Good news, version 2.5.2 (released today) gives us access to the 'self' option and 'cur_val'.
2 new key pieces of functionality which makes this possible.

I've attached a script which contains 2 Reactions. Import and move it into your own script (make sure you are using CSS 2.5.2+).
Then in each Reaction select the button you want to use for the listeners & Conditions.

You can see that the Conditions are using .cur_val. This is the current velocity value which your button has sent when the Reaction fires - the same as On/off values in other mappings.

The 'Reactions' sections in each mapping are using the new 'self' option and then I have added
.application().view.show_view and .application().view.hide_view in the first input boxes and then 'Detail/Clip' in the second input box.

I've also attached a screenshot.