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'Clip Slots Playing Value has changed' - Tracknumber does not update when modifier changes

Submitted by 627978463949989 on Tue, 09/13/2022 - 02:33
Control Surface Studio User

Hello Remotify-Team,

I'm using the mac version of css 2.7 and I'm working on a custom mapping for my APC40 MKII. I'd like to control the clip slots of specific group tracks, no matter where they are in the project. Since this is not possible with the session box, I'm mapping it directly with reactions.

I have a single reaction for every single clip slot that I want to control.

The listeners are:
- Modifier update - tracks the position of the specific group track
- Clip Slot's controls other clips has changed (Track Nr.: Modifier)
- Clip Slot's playing status value has changed (Track Nr.: Modifier)

The actions are:
If the Group Clip is playing, display the color green and exit the reaction
If the Group Clip is 'loaded', display the color yellow and exit the reaction
If the Group clip is empty, display the color white and exit the reaction

This works great for two of the listeners. However, the listener Clip Slot's playing status value has changed doesn't seem to work properly.
It sometimes only reacts to the very first track in the project. But the LED's do update for the other Listeners every time. If I delete all Group Clips, the LED's instantly update and show the correct color. And for some reason, after that, the Group track play listener starts working like it should. But if the track order then changes, and I reassign the tracks by using modifiers, the Play Listener stops working again and only updates when the first track Play status changes. This seems to be a bug, but maybe I'm doing something wrong.

Also, the Listener 'Song-Tracks have changed' does not seem to be working properly all the time. What I want to do is track 8 specific group-tracks around the session. The Listener works if I add a track to the end of the session switch two tracks in place that I'm not 'looking' for with the reactions. But if I drag the Group-Track around that I want to follow with a modifier, the modifier does not correctly update. For now I've used a button as a listener to find the Group-Tracks and assign Modifiers 1-8 to the locations of these tracks. I used the button at the very top right of the APC 40 MKII.

Maybe there's an easier way to do that. Basically all I want is to trigger clips of specific group-tracks, no matter where they are. If there's 8 group tracks that I want to control, and I unfold the second one, I lose control over all the ones after it with a normal session box, because it always includes all visible tracks.

I added my controller layout, the remotify script, and an ableton demo-session with the 8 group tracks I'm trying to follow as a zip. Any help on this would be very appreciated :)

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John C
Forum Admin

Thanks for sending the json files and ableton files, we will take investigate and see if there's any solutions we can provide you with.