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Change Switch from Momentary to Toggle by Mode

Submitted by neilb on Thu, 05/13/2021 - 02:59
Control Surface Studio User

I have a button/switch that works great as momentary on all modes except one... on that one mode it would REALLY be nice if it acted as a toggle instead.

Are there any options for that?


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John C
Forum Admin

There's an option in mappings control > custom section which allows you to change the on/off functionality from momentary to toggle (see attached).
If that doesn't work, switch it back to momentary but change the 'off' value to something other than zero (it needs to be anything other than the off midi value which your control sends). If you do this, then the mapping will only fire when you press the button down - it will be ignored on releasing the button i.e. a toggle :)

Control Surface Studio User

Thanks for the response, John.

The option you showed is not an option I'm given in CSS. Perhaps there is a better way to accomplish what I've done that you can point me to.

I have 21 tracks in my template, and on each one I've assigned the same button to set Send 6 to Max/Min (see image for an example). There is no toggle option to set for all of these. Is there a better way to achieve a single button for all send on/off that enables toggle instead of momentary?

John C
Forum Admin

Hi Neil,

To see the toggle/momentary options, you'll need to change 'control type' from absolute to on/off then the menu will appear.
See this quick video:

Control Surface Studio User

John, Thank you very much for taking the time to respond with the video. Unfortunately, that did not work. I changed all of the references to that button to On/Off and Toggle. Whereas before the button would set all of the sends to make, but only did it when I held the button down, now the button doesn't have any effect at all. I double checked to make sure they all had the same setting and restarted Live a few extra times to make sure the script took.

To clarify, I have a send device on all CSS tracks. All of the send devices reference the same button. The intention of the button is to turn Send 6 on all tracks to max/min. I use Send 6 to route to a looper. I can currently send individual tracks to the looper. The goal for the button is to send all tracks to the looper at the same time if I want to transition out of the current song. I hope that helps.

Any other thoughts on this?