can't upgrade to 2.4

Submitted by pag on Tue, 02/05/2019 - 14:48
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When I launch CSS, it says I have to upgrade to version 2.4.
If I click on the download link, it downloads a file named ControlSurfaceStudio.dmg that is not mountable.
So I can't use CSS.

Since Live just upgraded to 10.0.6 and the process erased all my custom scripts, I can't use my controllers anymore... :-/

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John Carney
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I'm guessing you're on Windows? .dmg is for Mac so not sure why it's downloading that.
Here are the links anyway:

With regards to Live erasing all of your custom scripts. As long as you didn't delete them in CSS they will still be there, you can just install them again.

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I am on mac. When I go on the CSS page and click the download button, it downloads 2.3. When I open 2.3, it proposes me to download the file I mentionned (which doesn’t have any version reference and can’t mount). So I’m stuck in a loop.

I know about having to reinstall Live’s scripts. That’s why I tried to open CSS...

Control Surface Studio User

By the way, I don’t get notifications when you reply to my posts, I only receive a message that I posted a comment (which I actually am aware of!)

John Carney
Forum Admin

Thanks for letting me know, the links on the CSS product page should now download the latest version (2.4).

Also thanks for telling me about notifications.