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Can't chain targeting

Submitted by JLMiralles on Sun, 08/04/2019 - 09:19
Control Surface Studio User

Hi there,
first time using CCS; but newbie problems...

I want to fast select a device inside a rack. But not sure if I'm configuring everything in the right way.

My goal:

- Have an audio effect rack inside a track with n repeated effects inside chained.
- Having the ability to select one of the n fx fast (with pressing the related pad to that device)
- Having the ability to manipulate the 10 parameters of that selected effect (with 10 knobs mapped to the selected device).

I guess that the way to do that with CSS is:
1: Create a select devide:
Script Name > Model 1 > Track 1 (if I want to control track one's devices) [type track; number 1; other no; led no] > Device 1 [ Device 1; Chain 1: number 1; in order to select the first device chained) AND > Device 2 [Device 1; Chain 2; Number 2; in order to select the second device inside the rack]
BUT this doesn't work for me. Always selects the first device of the chain, even I played with every mathematical combination of numbers in Device, Chain and number, going wild crazy, but anything changes.

2: Adding a new device after the last n device; with parameter Bank. But, until I didn't have succes in the first step I'm not considering the second.

What I'm doing wrong?; it seems to me that targeting which device I want to select is one of the main features of CSS and It should be an easy to configure thing; but I'm not lucky....

Maybe there is a very stupid solution ahead, but I can't find it from my own.

Thanks in advance to anyone who will try to help me.

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John Carney
Forum Admin

Hi there,

If I understand your issue correctly, you just need to add a 'Device Select' Mapping Type inside your Device (see attached).
When this mapping fires, it will move the Device highlight to whichever Device you have set in the 'Device Targeting' settings of the parent Device Mapping. You could then use the 10 knobs on your controller.

A video tutorial will be on our youtube channel tomorrow which goes through this exact subject as well as everything else to do with Devices and CSS.
Our channel cen be found here:
This will explain targeting devices inside Chains.


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John Carney
Forum Admin

Also, if example you wanted to target the second Device in a chain, you would set it like in the attached screenshot.

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Pro User

awesome tutorial.
Thank you John for these! It helps a lot.

Control Surface Studio User

Hi again!
Many thanks for the tutorial. Everything is more clear. However, the problem was before everything. My midi controller was mapped with the pads as Patch Change; with switched control everything works fine.

Thank you!