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Cannot get all RGB lights to return back to MODE 1 on Midi Fighter 64

Submitted by cmjr on Mon, 08/12/2019 - 04:16
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From a UI point of view, I rely on the RGB lights to signify new functionality when triggering from one mode to another. For example, I want the RGB lights on my DJTT Midi Fighter 64 to display certain RGB lights when in Mode 1, and then I want a different set of RGB lights to display when entering mode 2. Of course, the RGB lights that correspond with MODE 2 should turn off when I return back to Mode 1. However, it appears that some of the RGB lights from MODE 2 still remain ON like "ghost" RGB lights from the previous Mode instead of turning OFF to signify that I'm now currently back in Mode 1.

I cannot figure out what's causing the residual "ghosting" effect in some of the RGB lights from the previous mode when returning back to Mode 1. A picture tells a thousand words, so I attached 3 photos to show what I am trying to describe. I also attached my Ableton log.txt file and JSON file for the script. Can John or anyone else please weigh in on this one for me, because I feel like I've tried everything and I just don't know what I'm doing here. This worked perfectly in the original Remotify web app when I originally created this script.

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Hey Cmjr,

I wanted to help by testing this but when I import each Session Box in each mode was empty (no buttons were assigned).
Not sure if this is bug or not. Could you also export your controller file?

I made a quick vid to show you that "Shift" mode is working properly at my end. My Session Box is 8x4 since I want Mute, Arm Track, SB navigation etc.

If you start counting from the top, my first 4 rows are Clips and the Mute is just underneath. So when I press Shift, the Mute is replaces with Track Stop buttons. This way, I can trigger all Scenes and Stop all Tracks and Stop each Track individually.

Please ignore two dead LED's on my midifighter.

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Very cool! Thanks Stevan. Shift appears to be working, it's just the bottom purple lights that I can't seem to make go away when going back into MODE 1 from MODE 2. Could you share you maybe upload your script so that I can import yours on my end and use it to try and reverse engineer mine to hopefully work correctly?

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Also, it does sound like there's a bug because the buttons are assigned in each session box. Maybe I should post a video to youtube like you did as well to more clearly show what I mean by the purple RGB lights not going away when returning back into my MODE 1 Session Box from MODE 2 Session Box.

One last thing. I think didn't know what you meant at first by "Could you also export your controller file?" I don't see an export function in CSS. Only the option to import. However, it occured to me that you might be referring to the Midi Fighter Utility application. So I found an export option there, and exported my settings.mfs file. I'm wondering if this is what you were referring to in another post since this website only supports the upload of json files and not .mfs files?

First time doing this, so, first I changed .mfs file to .json and attached it here for you. I also opened the .mfs file in VIM and saved it as a .json file, so hopefully at least one of these .json files will work. Either way, I uploaded both of them here for you. Perhaps that's what I was doing wrong when trying to import your Twister .json script? I'm guessing that you meant for users to convert the .json file of your Twister settings from the .json to .mfs. and then open it in the Midi Fighter Utility application instead; not in CSS? Sorry for the confusion, but is that what you meant?

John Carney
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Export buttons are next to each controller. See attached Image

The reason why Stevan is likely seeing empty boxes is because he doesn't have the Controller file you used for your Script. It needs to be selected inside his version for all of the control selections to show up.

upload files: