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Can I have CSS just create mappable parmeters that I then use Abletons MIDI mapping to map?

Submitted by MasterZap on Tue, 02/21/2023 - 12:01
Control Surface Studio User

So I have a very particular problem.

Abletons MIDI mapping is great and all, but it's a little dumb; it only cares about what channel and what controller a message arrives at. It does NOT care about which MIDI input the message arrives at.

So if you have two set of controllers that, for whatever reason, sends the same midi note/cc/whatever on the same channel, there is no way to disambiuate them using Abletons MIDI mapping.

So I've been looking at CSS as a solution, but it doesn't seem to be the solution I want. Yes, I can map things on my controllers to specific devices, but that's not quite what my need is. The problem with CSS is that it maps a device by position in the track or rack, by the track number, etc.

Wheres in my use case, I have some deice somewhere in a device chain on whatever track, that I want a paricular slider always to control... however, I may be adding or removing tracks, or adding and removing devices as I work, and I don't want to have to regenerate my script every time. Which you don't need to do if you MIDI-map that parameter, because Ableton is smart enough to retain the mapping to a particular knob in a particular device in a particular track even while you add/remove/delete/rearrange tracks or devices.

So what I seem to be missing in CSS is, a way to have a knob on my CONTROLLER (which has a particular midi channel and CC actually tell ableton that it is a DIFFERENT channel and CC. (To avoid the channel/CC collission I mentioned earlier). So that I then can make the mapping to what that knob actually DOES with the regular MIDI-mapping inside ableton.

I am currently working around this issue with a MIDI remapping tool in the chain, but it's supremely clunky and requires me to remember to launch several different apps every time. It would be SO much nicer, if I could just do this inside ableton.

But is it even possible? Can CSS help me?

If only Abletons midi-mapping took the *port* into account, this would be a non problem....

Any help... is super appreciated!!

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Control Surface Studio User

Apologies for the typos, there doesn't seem to be an EDIT button to fix them either :P

Control Surface Studio User

I'm assuming you're on windows as mac has an inbuilt virtual midi bus so doesn't require you to open additional programs. With windows you can have a virtual midi cable that opens with windows so is always running. such as "loopMIDI"

While CCS can intelligently follow a device even if you're moving tracks etc. it is a pain to setup and I still think the virtual midi bus is the way to go.