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Can´t go Pro - CMD DC-1

Submitted by karacho on Fri, 11/09/2018 - 20:10
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Hey guys,

i´m realy into remotify and its features.

A few weeks ago i bought an Behringer CMD DC-1.

It says its Plug-and-Play on Ableton. Spoiler: Its not.
Can anyone help me? It seems the controller shows the Red Box, but i can´t move it or anything else.
I have to skript the Midi in ableton. So i'am missing a lot oft features i was hoping do get through the CMD DC-1.

Best wishes.

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Please help me, or give me a chance to go "pro"

John Carney
Forum Admin

Hi there,

We will be opening the doors again very soon when we publicly release the new version of the App.
Hopefully you can wait until then, it will be worth the wait I'm sure!

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I can't wait :)... I am coming back and forth since last summer ;p

Control Surface Studio User

Yes, same thing for me, i was lurking around for month and when i feel ready i have to wait :-(

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Yes, would be nice to get a little progress update from time to time....
and some more information about what to expect...
And maybe a little guess how long to wait... Winter namm, Musikmesse etc. ...

Control Surface Studio User

I literally have a midi fight twister in front of me that I bought once I found out about remotify.
Dynamic mapping for the win! I'm checking the site daily, cant wait!

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im looking forward to the release as well!

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I managed to find a functioning remote script for the CMD-1. It was a port of the factory script done by mpiraux. It's working with 32bit Ableton 9.7.7 and 64bit Ableton 10.1. It's a good starting place for additional tweaks and modification.I have a tinyupload of it