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Button Toggle on Midi Fighter Twister only toggles off

Submitted by on Mon, 12/23/2019 - 08:05
Control Surface Studio User

I'm having an issue getting the any of the buttons on my Midi Fighter Twister to toggle on. If a button is toggled on, like say the filter-1 on/off on an EQ8 in ableton (see attached "eq8-device.png"), then I can only get my controller to toggle it off and not on.

In CSS I created a new controller with a single button -- see attached "test_controller.png" for the settings I used and "test_controller.json" for the actual controller export. Then I created a simple button script -- see attached "button_toggle_script.png" for the script settings and "button_toggle_script.json" for the actual script export.

Any thoughts on why I can't get anything to toggle on?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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John Carney
Forum Admin

We have a Midi Fighter Twister Controller file ready to use. You can add it in the controller import section (see attached image)
All of the configurations are setup ready to use, just make sure your twister is using the default factory settings.
There's also a pre-built script for the Twister available called 'sendstorm' which you can find in the script import section.

Control Surface Studio User

Hi Hi, help pls

I have the same issue except in don't have that controller. I have the Akai MIDImix. For some reason I can only toggle a button off. I tried a lot of combinations of toggle/momentary, default/custom, on/off-values. The led of the correct buttons turn on when I click the corresponding button with the mouse in Ableton. But the controller buttons can only turn a button off.

Thanks in advance!

John Carney
Forum Admin

First thing, are you using the included MIDImix Controller Template for your script?
(Note that the buttons on this controller are momentary - they send on value when pressed, off value when released)
I don't have this controller with me anymore but what I would suggest is inside the the mapping's settings do the following:
1. Set Control to custom
2. Control type to 'on/off'
3. Switch type to 'Toggle'
What this should do is override the default momentary functionality and alternate the on and off function on each press.
What is the button in Live you are trying to control?