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Button Toggle Issue

Submitted by DigiDood on Wed, 08/04/2021 - 19:35
Control Surface Studio User

If I create a simple controller with one button set to toggle and map it to track mute on CC 1, load it in Ableton then click anywhere in Ableton’’s ui, the script will start sending out repeated on / off messages, and the track mute will continuously blink and is unusable.

This is without sending any messages from a controller..

What’s the proper way to setup toggle buttons for things like mute / solo / track arm ?

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John C
Forum Admin


Do you have some sort of note repeat / automation function turned on in your midi controller? that could be causing it as we don't have anything that repeatedly turns mute on/off etc unless you have setup a reaction of some sort?

Control Surface Studio User

Ok, sorry for the noise, I figured it out.
I’m using the IAC driver and the TouchOSC editor on the same machine to test it out.

I had the control surface input and output using the same IAC port. Created a separate port for in / out and now works as expected.