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Bulk change common peramiters in tmplates

Submitted by auralincarnation on Sun, 03/13/2022 - 13:49
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So I came across this ineffective and time-consuming way to have to fix the controller template for my zone K2… Your downloadable custom template for the key to lists every one of its controls under Mitty channel 15 when my device has everything set up at channel 14 at least as far as the mini messages it sends by default. Not sure if this is a change to make the key to work with an M1 Mac but that's beside the point.

The point is is that there should be an easy way to change each individual controller set up in the template editor to be able to change general settings for instants in this case wouldn't it be nice for me to go and change every mini channel of each part of the template to channel 14 instead of it being on channel 15 which means they're all wrong! Needless to say this is incredibly frustrating and I know it would be very easy for you programmers to put in a select all option at least for the very common parameters of all the controls… Anyway your product allows me to do things that I could not do without it so even though it's annoying in some respects it's also indispensable as a product... so thank you for your efforts

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Hello auralincarnation,
You are right, it is tedious to change all those parameters on a big script like that.
As it is now, it is sadly enough technically not so easy (understatement) to do a 'select all' option as you described on that part of the software.

But just as you mentioned in your last post, a solution is almost never one way ;-)
If you ever have to change such parameters, you can open the .json file in a text editor and do a "search and replace" for "MIDI_channel":"15" to "MIDI_channel":"14". Save the .json and import the script in CSS and you are done.

We are aware that this is just a workaround and this issue is on the list of update requests.

Anyway, thank you for bringing this issue up to our attention, I hope to hear you again, the solution you gave in your last post is awesome!

Kind regards!

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No worries I like your solution to when I should've done that actually I'm planning on taking care of that for the entire K2 and then I guess I would be posted up here so will be put into the repository of control surfaces? The odd thing about this control surface is that I believe they changed some of the implementation when they upgraded the device for M1 architecture… It seems as if at least some of the midi channels changed as well. Anyways I'll get on that solution you suggested for the rest of the devices on the k2 I have another serious problem that should be easily sociable but I'm having trouble fixing it which I will post about another post… But I've always been a technologist and looking for solutions to problems and helping artists with their technical woes has been a side gig of mine for quite a while... Any chance the company would be looking for another tech support person?

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Hi auralincarnation,
Remotify is not hiring for the moment but you are always more than welcome to join any topic and shed your light or share your knowledge!
The more people join, the more we all learn!
That is always a win for everybody ;-)