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Submitted by Blair on Mon, 01/28/2019 - 03:39
Control Surface Studio User

Hi guys I think there is a bug in the tempo control part when writing script. If you do not adjust the min and max bpm value all works ok. Also if you make adjustments to the values by clicking in the boxes and sliding the value up or down it’s ok. However if you click in the min and max boxes and write the bpm value or use the up and down arrow to get a more precise or round value it logs a fault in the script and it doesn’t work.

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John Carney
Forum Admin

Yes I am getting this too.
But if I create a new tempo mapping and don't adjust the min / max values, the tempo jumps to 80bpm and then doesn't move.
No error is output to my error log though :/

This will need investigating further, thanks for reporting.

John Carney
Forum Admin

This Tempo bug has been fixed in version 2.5 :)