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Bug: Creating new objects in controller removes all control assignments in script

Submitted by zenaudio on Sat, 07/20/2019 - 17:41
Control Surface Studio User

Hi John,

I've found a bug. Whenever I create a new button on my controller, when I go back to my script all my script functions have lost their control assignments and I have to reassign them all. Seen this happen multiple times now and it's quite laborious to go and reassign them all each time so thought it's best to write here.

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John Carney
Forum Admin


Thanks for reporting this. We do already have this logged to be fixed and yes is an annoying little bug :(
The issue only seems to happen if I use the duplicate button to copy an input in the controller manager.
If I add a new input instead, the assignments stay in place.
Is that the same for you?