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bug - controller templates disappearing!

Submitted by clatyonc on Fri, 11/25/2022 - 02:06
Control Surface Studio User

logged into remotify today to work on some templates for launch control XL.

im trying to use midi learn to set the midi parameters. Remotify keeps crashing on this eg is unresponsive. then i shut it down and reopen it. When i reopen the program, my template i was working on has disappeared!

this has now happened to me twice which means i can lose a lot of work.

can the developer please respond on this

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Control Surface Studio User

Having the same issue. Working with Launchkey 49 on Mac. Do you think for the time being it would be better just to do the midi inputs manually?

Control Surface Studio User

I am on mac too. i am persevering but am backing up all my templates and scripts everyday i work on them because the program is very unstable! Feels like i could lose all my work at any moment.

would be nice if i could get a response from developer.

John C
Forum Admin