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Submitted by jeremus on Mon, 03/04/2019 - 10:27
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Here's some serious nerdcore stuff. Get under the hood of Ableton's Push2 to control iZotope's Breaktweaker software. The reason behind this is two-fold. First being the learning curve of both the Push2 -and- Breaktweaker were less than desirable, most people could click faster than they could use the awkward-ish functions on the Push. Second, the learning curve for Breaktweaker was just not intuitive for the average user. The result? Both those pieces of technology just kind of sunk and got (arguably) left in the dust. These are both incredibly deep and capable pieces of tech that have not been tapped into by FAR. I have a source that would get iZotope on board with completely making support for natively mapping a plugin with an LCD interface hardware (Push2) and re-vamp everything, after all, with coding becoming more prevalent and things starting to become open-sourced and can imagine the possibilities here. Controlling your favorite plugins, with a script. Especially a step-sequencer. Softube has really pulled this off with their EQ hardware, and it feels as beautiful as it sounds. You get people like Roli involved and we are really pushing things forward. So in conclusion, mapping a plugin, with Push2, instead of a standard MIDI controller. Having control on deep levels. Revalidating the use for both solutions.


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