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Bi-directional communication

Submitted by AndreGM on Thu, 02/14/2019 - 16:17
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I was just now trying to make my first script to test all the available options but I noticed something right out of the box that made me wonder about Remotify.

Do the scripts made respond to changes in Live?
Ir for example in a track i go with the mouse and change anything in Live like a volume of a track or a parameter in a device, does this also gets reflected in the Midi Controller? I just tried this now and I saw no movement in my midi controller.

This apparently "tiny" detail in hugely import when working with Live, please clarify.


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John Carney
Forum Admin

You will want to use Reactions mappings for this.
They allow you to send custom feedback to your controller.
Here's a tutorial on it:
And I added some Reaction stuff in this post too: