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Basic Setup minimize Volume Range 0-108

Submitted by chris lux on Thu, 09/02/2021 - 20:54
chris lux
Free User

I wanna specify the range of a volume slider from 0-108 at my X-One K2.

So the faders dont go above 0db controlling ableton.
I guess its specified in the Frameworks, but I cant edit that scripts.


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John C
Forum Admin

This can easily be done in Control Surface Studio (not the web app though).
Make sure the volume 'max' is set to 85% which is 0db.

chris lux
Free User

Ok thanks. Great news.

chris lux
Free User

..and clever marketing. ;)

Control Surface Studio User

It's always bugged me (and many other people) that the default ableton controllers do stuff like this.
6db boost is great when you're producing and just wanna nudge something a bit louder without needing to bust out a utility

But if you actually want to use this live, you want to adjust the gain staging elsewhere with a knob, and be safe to slam the fader to the top when you want that part to be heard

It clearly wasn't designed by people who DJ.
This... and the lack of an EQ3 that is bypassed at 12oclock, native DJ filter (though xfers is great)

And.... dare I say it..

I really wish ableton had a more advanced "mixer" view
Channel strip style

Where you can see 8 macro knobs per track, with multiple tracks visabe at once...

But I digress

at least remotify can help with that first bit!